Question #25: Already divorced, reason: abandonment First lawyer suggested to settle on the property because it would cost too much to go to court. My ex-husband was suppose to sign the property over to me for a ten thousand dollar settlement. He never signed anything, I never paid him. He took me to court for breach of contract. Second lawyer took my money, wrote one letter to the courts regarding this issue. There was a court date, that neither myself or my lawyer was never notified. There was a judgment in his favor. I spoke to my second lawyer, who said he will write a letter to vacate that judgment. NOTHING has happened. I have called my Second lawyer several times, have gone to see him, but he was not there. He has not answered any of my calls. Now I have received an eviction notice, which is very confusing to me because this is a condominium. I know I need a new lawyer, but I need one I can afford since I am very tight on my budget. How do I handle this situation. How can I get the original settlement dismissed, and how can I fight this. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

It is apparent from your question that you have encountered part of the basic problem of the adversarial system. Unfortunately, you have not had much success with selecting a proper attorney to represent your interest in court. It is essential that you receive experienced, professional legal counsel. If you do not know of such person, ask a friend who has on through a matrimonial trial to recommend a good attorney. If you have no such contact, get in touch with your local bar association an ^have them recommend an experience, attorney who specializes in matrimonial matters.
Good luck!
Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions