Question #236: I have been married for 2 months now, just before the 2 month mark of the marriage I came home to find my husband had quit his job, taken the money in the bank account and packed some things and left. It’s been a week now and I still haven’t heard from him at all. He left his phone at home so I have no way of contacting him at all. I don’t know where he is. I’m not sure if I should go to file for divorce or a legal separation at this point because I really don’t know what is going on. But even if I did file how would he sign anything when I do not know where he is to send him papers to sign? Does NY state make you go to mediation before granting a divorce? Do I need to be in contact with him in order to get this straightened out? Thank you

You will have to make a serious attempt to locate him in order to serve him with the Notice and Complaint.
Try reaching him through his friends or relatives.
If you are living in the NYC metro area, please contact me once you have located him to discuss the next step.

Leonard Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions