Question #14: I have been separated for over a year. My spouse has recently lost his job and hasn’t paid child support in 2 months and counting. I have recently started a full time job but am continuing to have difficulties with the high rent in the town where we both live. I have been asked by my boyfriend to move in with him and his son. This would mean living a 1/2 hour drive away from the childrens father. I have no problem arranging drop off and pick ups at his parents home which is almost halfway between the 2 areas and keeping the same visitation schedule that we have currently had for the past year. My ex continues to tell me that there is no way he will let me take the kids out of their current school district. He has been their football coach for a couple of years and he states that I will be taking away his childrens childhood if they don’t play for the same league. Should I be concerned regarding this? Can he really keep me living in the same school district for the next 13 years until my daughter finishes school? We will be moving from a 3 bedroom townhouse that I pay $1000/mth plus utilities to a 4 bedroom home with a huge lot of land and I will pay much less than this…please help ease my mind…

Generally the Courts look at the best interest of the children and maintaining a close relationship with their father is an important factor the Court will consider. You will have to convince the Court that a half hour drive is not significant and will not interfere with the fathers relationship with the children.
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Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions