Question #118: separated from my wife almost a year ago, Im in the process of getting a divorce but she is contesting it. I dont have the money to afford a long battle. When i left i gave her everything i only took personal things. there is no property and 1 vehicle that i left with her. What can she contest theres nothing to fight for. We were married a little over one year and were married in new york state. Thank you for your time.

New York State requires grounds for divorce. She may be contesting the grounds for the divorce.
I strongly suggest that you seek an attorney-mediator to handle your divorce rather than “do it yourself”.
This is too important a matter to leave to self help.
If you are living in the NYC metro area, please call me at 212-370-1660 to arrange for a meeting
to discuss the matter at greater length.

Leonard Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions