Question #110: Iam a Filipina who was petition (k1visa) by my boyfriend who is a u.s citizen and lived in colorado. We got married in colorado u.s.a and we have to transfered to England for his job assignment. We’re only married for 8months and i already experienced abuse not physically but mentally. He never give me money or whatever except for food, he never have time for me because he is so busy with his job and because of that also his not active in bed.(i feel like im just a keeper here) Everytime we argue he always say that he want to divorce me and that make me scared coz i dont have family here in england and no job (they only accept NATO and u.s citizen) no money to support myself. My question is if i agree to divorce him, will i get monetary support from him (until now his paying morethan 60% of his salary to alimony for his ex wife) and what is my chance to get a immigrant visa since i never had the chance to apply for AOS when were in u.s? honestly im afraid to go back to the Phils coz some people there are very judgemental it will give me more pain to go back. Since iam married to u.s citizen, do i need marriage annulment in the phils.? Honestly never had a chance to think of this before i get married coz i thought im marrying a good man since he is a chaplain and a good marriage councelor. Thank you so much and God Bless!!!

You should insist on getting divorced in the US, in Colorado, where you
permanently reside as husband and wife and you should get an experienced attorney- mediator
in your county in Colorado to help you. Once you get the divorce in Colorado, you will not need another for the Phillipines.
Do not do this on your own. If you cannot afford an attorney, the court will make your
husband pay for your attorney.
The attorney will also advise you where to go to get legal advice regarding your immigration status.

Good Luck!

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions