Question #63: My wife of 6.5 years and I have been separated for 17 months in NJ where we were wed and have been residing the whole time. We have no children together. We both agree to proceed with a no fault divorce amicably. We have already transferred all major assets such as bank accounts, car, etc. and all that’s left is little stuff like photos, ornaments, etc which we are in the process of exchanging. I never put her name on the deed of my house as she moved from an apartment and now resides in one. We want to have the most economical and headache-free divorce possible. We were just going to go to a local Divorce Center who charges $500 for everything including court costs. Is there anything to be concerned about with this approach? Secondly, is a formal property settlement agreement necessary

You get what you pay for! This is a matter too important to leave to

someone who is not a lawyer . If either party wishes to challenge the

division of the assets some time down the road it will be easy to do so

and you will end up in court with much bigger legal bills than you ever dreamed.

Without a formal Separation Agreement detailing the exact division of your

marital estate, you have no closure on the issues, which can be revisited

in years to come .

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./ Divorce Solutions