Tell us your divorce horror stories.

Please send us your true, divorce horror stories so that we can inform our readers about what financial, emotional, familial, and social problems they can anticipate from proceeding in the adversarial system. Please include the following information:
  1. Real names and telephone numbers of the couple involved so that the truth of the story can be independently verified. No real names or telephone numbers will be used if we print your story.
  2. Include the city and state where the divorce is taking place.
  3. Include the number of children, if any, their ages, sexes, and any other pertinent family information including special or emotional needs of any family member.
  4. Include the financial condition of each spouse separately and of the family as a whole, and list the major assets owned as individual property and as marital property.
  5. Explain why you believe your story qualifies as a “Divorce Horror”.
  6. Describe the events leading to the decision to get a divorce; who asked for the divorce?
  7. Describe the process of finding an attorney, how much he charges, and are you satisfied with the work he performed or is still performing, and why.
  8. Describe the court hearings and how you felt during the legal procedures-waiting in the court corridors for your turn before the judge, sitting in the courtroom, testifying before the judge; was the judge fair, etc.?
  9. Describe the response of your family and children to the decision to get divorced.
  10. Describe how you told your children, your parents, your in-laws, friends, etc.
  11. How has your financial situation changed since the decision to divorce was made? Were you working before and are you working now?
  12. Describe the family residence and how the divorce decision has changed the way you live. Are you both living in the same house? Explain.
  13. What is your present emotional, financial, social, familial, etc. situation?
  14. What did the entire process cost you financially, socially, etc.?
  15. Anything else you would like to add that might be important for others in similar situations to know?
By sending us your stories you are hereby expressly agreeing to allow us to retain the right to select those stories we believe will be most relevant for our readers, to edit or abbreviate them as we may in our sole discretion see fit, and to publish them in said form without any remuneration to you.