Question #263: Love your website which is so helpful to people who desperately need help for divorce! I’m living in Atlanta, Georgia. My husband is a self-employed, he made twice as much as mine but he is financially irresponsible. I added his health insurance on my employer sponsored family plan during our many yrs marriage. Now I lost my job and filed for divorce because he treated me badly for years. May I claim to compensate for my contribution to his part health insurance? Another question: He spent fortune on his model train layout during the marriage. I don’t know exactly how much the value is. May I demand him to report the value? Thank you very much! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

The health insurance costs which you provided during the marriage are not reimbursable.
However, your spouse’s model train collection is marital property and you should have a 50% interest in it.

Good Luck!

Leonard M. Weiner,Esq. /Divorce Solutions

Question #205: I am divorced in New York State and the divorce states that I pay 70% of medical expenses. My older daughter is 21 and away at medical school – the younger daughter is 19 and away at college. I claim that I owe 70% of the DIFFERENCE between what health insurance costs my ex for a “parent+1 child” plan MINUS what she would pay for a single plan on her own My ex claims I owe 70% for her “family plan” for herself and both children. * On a side note – my ex flex spends (FSA) the entire health care amount and pays very little given these tax breaks. The court didn’t seem to consider FSA when splitting the incomes 70/30% THANKS

In order to properly answer your questions, I would have to review the
relevant provision in your Separation Agreement or court order that dealt with this matter
to see if your wife was to be covered by this provision as well as the children.
Generally, these matters are discussed separately.

The tax breaks your ex may receive should have been raised at the time
you negotiated your settlement or at the hearing before the judge.

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions

Question #197:I have a simple question or at least I hope it is a simple one. I will be filing for a divorce in April after a year of legal separation. In the separation papers we agreed that my husband would keep me on his health insurance until the divorce was final. After the divorce is final, I have no means of getting health insurance that I will be able to afford. It is offered through my work at a cost of over $600.00 a month. I cannot afford this since my annual income is approximately 16, 000.00. Can I ask the courts to have my husband keep me on his insurance policy through his employer since he has to keep a family plan to keep our child covered? Thank you.

Why did you not think about your ability to pay for insurance before you agreed to
the terms of the Separation Agreement? Did you have legal counsel when you entered into the Separation Agreement?
You should try to discuss this matter with your spouse before the Divorce papers are filed.
Once again, I cannot overemphasize the need to have an experienced, matrimonial attorney represent
you when you get involved in Separation or Divorce. It will save you much heartache later.

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions