Question #31: My fiancée and I are trying to get his divorce taken care of. There are a few difficulties. We are in Alaska and she is in Colorado. We need to find someone who can help us, but who will not charge an outrageous amount of money. We would like someone who will take a lump sum down and then take monthly payments. He is in the Military if that makes any difference. We really need this done quickly. Please help

Before you discuss the costs, you must first determine which state will have jurisdiction over the divorce proceedings. Each state has its own particular jurisdictional criteria, but it is important to determine, where and how long your “fiancée” was married? Are there any children from that marriage? Where did he reside with his wife during the course of their marriage and for all long? Where does his wife presently live and for how long is she living there? Where does your “fiancée” presently live and for how long has he been living there?
The answers to these questions will provide us with the information necessary to determine which state has jurisdiction over his divorce. Once that is determined, he should contact legal counsel available to him through his military service to provide legal advice and counsel regarding how to proceed with this matter. You should be concerned more with getting professional, experienced legal counsel who can properly advise you as to the best way to proceed and not worry about the cost of such advice at this time. If he is able to avail himself of military counsel services, he should receive such help at little if any cost.
Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions