Question #26: I am currently involved in a situation that is very bitter. I would like to know the following: 1. Is mediation helpful if one side is bitter? 2. How can I convince the bitter side to go to mediation? 3. What are the fees for this service. Thanks.

In order to take advantage of the mediation process in divorce the parties to not have to agree on all or any matters other than two which are 1) they do not want to give all of the hard and money which they have acquired over the course of their marriage to their attorneys; and 2) they do not need “a pound of flesh” from their spouse in order to reach a settlement. Most couples are bitter as a result of conflict leading to the divorce and the mediation process if conducted properly and by a well trained, experienced professional can help reduce the bitterness and satisfy the needs of each of the parties.
The reason why parties choose mediation as opponents to the adversarial system is based on self interest. It is in the interest of both parties to minimize emotional trauma on themselves and their family members, to maintain control over the destiny of their children, their assets, and their lives rather than having a third party judge, who does not know the parties or their family, and who is not equipped or interested in dealing with the emotional and family issues which inevitably arise during the divorce proceedings. Mediation provides a private forum in which the parties control the outcome, it is cheaper and quicker and less traumatic than the adversarial system and should be considered as the first method of resolving divorce issues, leaving the adversarial alternative as the court of last resort.
The fees are spelled out in earlier letters which you can find below.
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Good luck.
Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions