Question #291

If you have lived in NYS for over a year, you can file in NYS. You should start removing yourself from all joint accounts and credit cards in which you are liable. Loans etc. as well as collecting all your marital, financial documents, bank statements, brokerage statements, 401-k’s, etc.

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Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions

Question #301

Have him transfer the title to the “bike” to you. Or in the alternative, file a lien w/ the Motor Vehicle Dep’t on the bike. Do not rely on any “Contract Agreement.”

It sounds like you have to make him decide with whom he wishes to spend his life.
Good Luck!
Leonard Weiner, Esq.

Question #328

You appear to have significant property rights in the properties on which you are named as co-owner. You also must file for divorce where you are living, not where you got married.
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Leonard Weiner, Esq.
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