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Question #72:

Me and my wife has agreed to get a divorce 3 months ago. We have two small children ages 2 and 5. We are currently still living together. I found out about a month ago that she is secretly dating someone from her past that is in listed in the army, that will be home soon from deployment.

We live in New York and He lives in Florida, but he is in the army so I assume he moves a lot.

I suspect that as soon as he is back that she is planning to take the kids and move in with him. She is not aware that I know about the relationship and promises me that she won't take the children away from me. I don't really believe her because she has been talking about Florida a lot lately.

She tells me that she wants this to be amicable witch I'm willing to do 100% but what do I do if she takes the kids and leave before we even got to start the divorce or any sort of agreement?

I don't care about any of the material things and she can have it all, All I care about is to be with my children and be a great farther for them.

Also seeing that he is in the army will it be in the kids best interest to be moving every two years. All their family live in New York.

You can file for divorce before she leaves for FL and have the judge prevent her from moving with the kids without your consent.
I strongly suggest you call me to arrange to mediate your divorce and we will work out
this issue . Let her know you will not let her take the children away from you and interfere with your relationship with the kids.

Leonard Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions

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