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Question #190:

I am an Afghan national. I live in Kabul, Afghanistan. In March 2007 I
was in New York City for an official trip on G4 visa - I used to work
for the World Bank. On March 3rd, 2007, I got married to my cousin who
is a US citizen and lives in NYC. We got married in the Office of The
City Clerk, NYC. A month after our marriage, I returned back to Kabul
and didn't see her until May 2009, but we had phone contacts. In May
2009 we met in Dubai and stayed together for a week. Then she went
back to US and I came to Kabul, but again we had some rare phone
contacts. I guess, during our stay in Dubai, she got pregnant and she
has a baby girl now. We both want (agree) to get divorce now, but the
problem is that I am no more working for the World Bank and I don't
have a US visa to go back to US to settle things down. We don't have
any financial dispute and I am happy with her keeping the baby. My
questions are: 1. How can we get a divorce? 2. Do I have to appear in
person in NYC to take care of the paperwork or my wife can do it
alone? 3. How long will it take to get divorce and how much it will
cost us? Can I hire a lawyer from here?

Thanks ever so much for your very kind support.


You will not have to appear in person in NYC if you decide to
Mediate your divorce with me.
You will have to sign a few papers which I can email to you.

It will take approximately 3-6 months, depending on which County
Your wife lives in NY.

I am a lawyer and will handle all of the legal work necessary for both parties.

It will cost somewhere between 8000-10,000 USD for everything.

Please have your wife get in touch with me at 212-370-1660 to discuss
The matter in greater length.

Leonard Weiner, Esq/ Divorce Solutions
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