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Question #61:

I looked at your very informative website and thought I could ask a brief question.
"My wife (we are currently going through divorce proceedings) recently moved with my son out of New York State to Pennsylvania. Although I am living and working in England, my issue lies with the fact that she has not given me an address where they are living or who is living at the location?. Is this fair and reasonable for her to withhold the address and information?"


If you have joint custody or even visitation or communication rights with your child, which in most cases
The non-residential parent has, you should be entitled to know where your child is, how to get in touch with the child,
And whether the child is located in a safe environment. Unless there is an order of protection against you which expressly
Denies you access to the child and to know the child’s whereabouts, you should be entitled to know that information and be kept abreast of any changes
In such information. If you are presently in the midst of a divorce proceeding, you may make a motion to the court to force your spouse to provide you with this
Information on a regular basis by email or otherwise.

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions
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