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Question #89:
I wanted to ask a question. I currently reside in PA. I was visiting Texas in May of this year, and got married. He currently lives there. The original plan was for me to move over there, and us start a life together. Well after we got married I found out that he is awaiting to go to court for 2 counts of assault, and also that he has Hepatitis. Would I be able to get an annualment, and if so can I file in the state of PA even though we got married in TX? Is there a certain timeframe that I have to file? I would prefer to get an annualment versus a divorce. Any advice would be appreciated.


If you are living in the State of Pennsylvania and meet the PA jurisdictional requirements (e. g. usually, you must live in the State for a year or so), you can file in PA.
Whether you can get an annulment or not will depend on the specific requirements for annulment in Pennsylvania. Each state is different.

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./ Divorce Solutions
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