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Question #58:

Under what circumstances, if any, may I seek annulment
in NYC if I am not a resident but my ceremony was
performed there? I have married someone who appears to
have done so only for immigration purposes. What kind
of "proof" need I provide for this? I can hardly say
that anything is "tangible". Also, he is currently
abroad, would this void his Visa and prevent him from
re-entering the US. (I would hope so because I am no
longer a resource for him). Would our wedding witness,
who was a relative of his, be subject to any legal
action, again, I hope so.

Also, are there any circumstances under which an
annulment may be granted on expedited basis. I fear
further unscrupulous behavior from this man, and would
feel safer knowing we are not legally bound ASAP.
You or your spouse must be a resident in New York State for a minimum of 1 year in order for New York to have jurisdiction in your matter. Citizenship is not required, but residency is.

If you are living in the NYC metro area, please call me to arrange for an appointment to discuss the matter at greater length.

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions
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