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Question #7:
I am currently in a bitter divorce proceedings in Texas. My husband of 8 years, does not want to get a divorce. I am active duty. My husband assaulted me, after telling me that he would never grant me a divorce. I had a co-worker take pictures. After he took the pictures he shot it up my chain of command. When my husband got called in (he is civilian) he filed adultery charges through the military against me and a mutual male friend. In the mean time my husband put a tap on my phone with out my knowledge. My question is can the conversations on an illegal interception on wire communications allowed in the divorce proceedings? He also informed me that he had tapped conversations and I feel he is black mailing me. What can I do? My attorney is currently out of town. Thanks.
I am not familiar with the wiretap laws in the State of Texas and I strongly recommend that you find your attorney and get the proper legal advice. Generally, such conversations are both inadmissible and in New York State they are illegal.

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions

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