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Question #40:
Hello. I have been married for just under 4 years. I reside in Monroe County, NY. My husband is attending college in Japan. I have asked him to come home, but he has refused. We havenít lived together since mid-January. Would I be able to sight abandonment for an annulment or would I have to get a divorce?
Abandonment is not grounds for an annulment. It is one of the grounds for divorce, but it must be nonconsensual and in this case he left the house to attend college in Japan, most likely with your consent. In any event, it requires that the abandonment be for more than one year, and in your case it appears that it is for less than one year. There are other grounds, however, which can be used for divorce, especially in the event that we have the cooperation of your spouse.

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Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions
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