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Question #7:
At a young age I had gotten married in Las Vegas but never really lived with her. It was one of those things you may say that you do at a young age and think that instead of going steady being married was sweeter. Anyways, like I stated we were never really living together like a normal husband and wife more like a boyfriend/girlfriend thing. We had eloped and never told anyone thinking that in a few years will get married anyway. Within 5 months of the marriage the relationship ended and within a couple of months I had filed for a dissolution of marriage. My question is there anyway I can get this marriage annulled even if I had filed for a divorce already? I know that after a year if no one had filed to contest this dissolution of marriage that the divorce is in effect. Six years have passed from the time of the divorce but since the marriage was not really a marriage is there someway to have the marriage and the divorce annulled from my records? Thanks.
Each state has its own statutory requirement for an annulment; with regard to the New York state requirements, please refer to a previous question and answer which discussed the criteria.

Based on the information you presented, your marriage was a legal marriage, and would not qualify for an annulment under New York law.

Leonard M. Weiner, Esq./Divorce Solutions
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